July 03, 2019

About Tiger Wrench

Tiger Wrench is a movable tool that features 16 wrench sizes which can be effectively gotten to with a straightforward turn. 


• Combination of 16 torques

• Quickly locate the correct size with pivoting modifications and swiveling head

• Save time by killing mystery

• Replaces units and lumbering attachments

• Works with an assortment of jolts (harmed, spline, 6-point, 12-point, Torx, and square)


Tiger Wrench costs $19.95 + $9.95 shipping for a sum of $29.90. I discovered Tiger Wrench at a nearby As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas for about $21.

Tiger Wrench Review

Tiger Wrench is advanced as a progressive apparatus that can supplant 16 torques on the double. This is accomplished by a swiveling and pivoting head that can be acclimated to various sizes on the fly. Can you really supplant a whole attachment and wrench set with this one apparatus?

The principal thing that entered my thoughts when I saw the advertisement for Tiger Wrench was that I have seen this kind of hardware previously, as I will talk about beneath.

In spite of the fact that the showcasing would have you accept that the multi-head plan of this wrench separates it from different devices, I accept that it's the ergonomic elastic grasp handle that gives it a slight edge over a portion of the others. A large portion of these "hound bone" torques don't offer an elastic handle, so I believe that is the essential component that separates it from comparative devices. That may not be a convincing motivation to pick this one over the others, however it could be to certain individuals.

To change sizes, you essentially turn the pivoting head to pick which size you need. For whatever length of time that you don't move the wrench toward a path that could turn the head, it will remain set up as you modify jolts.

When I discovered Tiger Wrench at a nearby As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas in January 2018, I chose to bring it down to Santa Ana, California to have my cousin help me give it an appropriate assessment at his exemplary auto body shop.

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The principal thing we both saw was that the shallow attachments flown off effectively when endeavoring to extricate a tight jolt at a 45-degree edge – as the publicizing claims. Indeed, in light of the fact that the attachments are so shallow, the apparatus is practically flush with the surface, and this makes impedances from different attachments on the device.

We loved the vibe of the rubber treated handle, and we concurred this is a truly convenient apparatus to have in certain conditions. Following a few hours of testing, I left away feeling like it ought to have been something more. As I would see it, the shallowness of the attachments appeared to be a structure blemish. What's more, that is the place things wound up intriguing.

After coming back to Nevada, I started up the Tiger Wrench business again and saw that the attachments seemed a lot further in the business than they did on my instrument. My hypothesis is that a model was publicised, yet the plan was modified for creation reasons (costs?), which prompted a progressively shallow arrangement of attachments. I accept that in the event that they had kept the profundity of the attachments consistent with the unit they promoted on TV, the issues I had with the item would be decreased.

This isn't the principal wrench to be advertised in As Seen on TV publicising, yet not every such apparatus are a moment hit. I recall a year ago observing a comparable thing called Crocodile Wrench that looked similarly great, yet it immediately vanished. Would tiger be able to Wrench inspire enough customers to turn into a contender? The truth will surface eventually.

At last, Tiger Wrench is a failure. Minor changes to the plan had a noteworthy effect on how well this apparatus capacities.

Make certain to look at my full video audit of Tiger Wrench beneath.


On the off chance that Tiger Wrench looks convincing to you, however you would prefer not to hang tight for expanded delivering times, you might be keen on one of many pooch bone wrenches available, which range from $8 – $30. The Craftsman Dogbone Metric Wrench, which capacities and looks about equivalent to Tiger Wrench, costs about $10. There is likewise the Sears brand Dog Bone wrench that keeps running about $25.

In years past, I've seen an item called the Black and Decker ReadyWrench, despite the fact that that one isn't as simple to discover nowadays. That looks practically indistinguishable from Tiger Wrench – the more profound attachment rendition.

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