High Pressure Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit

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Upgrade your pressure washer into a powerful wet sandblaster!

There are many other conventional ways to strip off rust or paint. You can use solvent cleaners, power-tool grinders, dry sand-blasting, and even using a steel brush. All of these are either dangerous, ineffective, costly or creates environmental pollution.

"Try doing this all day."


Using the Wet Sand Blasting Kit eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals, dangerous spinning hazards and is very effective at stripping away layers of rust, paint, grease, or even graffiti off walls using the power of both the force of your pressure-washer and the abrasive properties of your chosen sand-medium. It saves you time and effort, and is safe for the environment!

High Pressure Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit


The greatest benefit of owning our wet sand-blasting kit is having two machines in one. The sand helps remove tough layers, and the water removes dirt and grease.


Because not just for cleaning, wet sandblasting is also an ideal pre-treatment for metal, stone or glass products that need further plating, painting or bonding. The wet sandblast helps remove the thin layers of oxides, scales, dried chemicals, and other materials, creating a clean, reactive surface all in one step!

High Pressure Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit


Wet Sandblasting vs Dry Sandblasting

Dry Sandblasting

  • Uses the same blasting medium, but on higher amounts per stream.
  • Slightly uneven uniformity of the finish due to the uneven spread of the sand.
  • Tough to control because of the uneven spread.
  • Creates clouds of dust, which requires you to wear a mask. Not very suitable for backyard work.

Wet Sandblasting

  • The force of the water is magnified by the sand, producing more impact per amount of sand and water.
  • The water spray evens out the sandblast, creating a more consistent level of abrasion.
  • The even sandblast creates a more uniform finish.
  • The even water spray also makes it easier to control the strength and spread of the stream.
  • Virtually no dust clouds since the sand is already mixed with water. At worst it will produce a cloud of mist which could be nice on a hot day.



  • Heavy Duty: The sand washer kit's plug can withstand up to 2300 psi, more than the power of most commercial pressure washers
  • 1/4″ Male Plug Inlet: The kit's connector is compatible with almost all pressure-washer wands.
  • 18 Feet Sand Suction Tube: Long and durable hose to allow flexibility.
  • Durable Tungsten Bore Nozzle: The nozzle is optimized to create an ideal balance between power and spray width.

High Pressure Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit


How to use

  1. Prepare your blasting medium of choice. It can vary from dry silica, soda, or dried river sand. Place it in a container or a bag and either keep it 6 feet away or cover it to avoid moisture from entering the dry medium.
  2. Attach the nozzle kit to your pressure washer hose.
  3. Stab the lance into your medium. It doesn't have to be deep, as long as holes of the lance are completely buried in the medium.
  4. Start your pressure washer and the stream from the water should create a vacuum to suck the blasting medium in.
  5. It's generally advised to start 6-12 inches away from the surface you're blasting before going closer to determine the right power-to-spray ratio you need.


    • Material: Tungsten Carbide + Stainless Steel + Brass
    • Max Pressure: 2300 PSI 

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Sand Blaster Kit

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