JumpIt™ Car Jump Starter Power Bank

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You don't have to worry about not receiving all of the pieces. We are happy to guarantee that you will receive the full kit with all of the necessary pieces that will last you a lifetime.


If you drive a car or motorcycle, you NEED this Jumper Starter & Portable Power Bank! If you find yourself stranded this little powerhouse will get your car going again!

You'll love the quick-charging technology behind this jump starter as well as its compact design. It's small enough to fit in your glove box! It packs enough power to charge the biggest engines!


Powerful enough to jump start most 12V batteries. can be use d on both gas and diesel vehicles as well as motorcycles and boats. The USB charging interface allows you to charge your phone, tablets, and more! Equipped with an LED flashlight, too! It comes with built-in safety features: Short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and over-charge protection

Also comes with a high-quality torch. One of the standout features is the number of protection it is providing over various aspects of a short circuit, voltage overload etc.

This Portable Car Jump Starter power bank which can generate up to 400A to jump start cars with up to a 8.0L Gas and 3.0L Diesel engines, is a must have for every motorist. This battery jump starter is the next-generation of rechargeable 4-in-1 multi-function power banks. It is compact enough to store in a glove box or under a seat when not in use, ensuring that drivers anywhere have a power option to start their vehicle in a number of situations without the need to rely on towing services or the generosity of a jumpstart from a stranger.

It’s versatile enough to jump-start other vehicles, like motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, and ATVs.

It has a 2 Amp USB output to rapidly charge any 5 Volt portable devices from smartphones to tablets to digital cameras, and many other devices, making it the ideal emergency battery pack for home, office, vehicle or the outdoors.

The built-in high-intensity LED flashlight has SOS and Strobe functions for emergencies.

Package Includes:

16000mAh Car Jump Starter * 1pcCellphone connecting cable * 1pcLaptop connecting cable * 1pcDifferent Laptop Adapter Connector * 8pcsPlug AC Power Adapter* 1pcCar charger * 1pcBattery clip * 1pcCarrying bag *1pcUser Manual (English) *1pcCarrying Case *1pc

Frequently Bought Together

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